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Body Co-Wash

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    Winter Ready Pumped Up Decadent Body Wash


    • Bubbles to the max
    • Creamy, concentrated goodness.
    • Convenient to use pump top
    • Your shower poof has finally met its match

    This body wash’s lather is no joke, bubble bikini anyone?

    Creamy shea, foam enhancing oat amino acids, and freeze-dried aloe vera are just a few of the skin loving ingredients contained in this perfect sized bottle.

    One pump will do your body a whole heckuva lot of good.

    Richly concentrated means that you won’t have to squeeze and squeeze and squeeze to get your skin soft and clean.

    Pairs perfectly with (cold processed body butter name).

    Each Body Co-Wash is scented with a warm and cozy fragrance, guaranteed to give you a reprieve from the cold.

    How to use: I recommend a wet puff or a loofah because I love suds and I am a bit obsessed with working up a lather. I use about a nickles amount of product at a time but I am sure you could use less if you aren't bubble obsessed. Lather on!



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