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I ship 2x a week.

After receiving your order it can take between 7-14  traditional business days (M-F) before your order is shipped out. I hate waiting. I really do. I will put on my big girl pants and get your goodies to you as soon as I can

Do you ship to Timbuktu?

Currently, I ship to the United States and Canada, but I got nothing but love for my global peeps.

So what's shipping going to set me back

This month we have Free Shipping on orders over $50.

I am hoping to make this a permanent feature - dance of joy. I try to stick to flat rate shipping fees but our items require a lot of  'cushioning' so that they arrive as pristine as possible, cuz no one likes broken stuff.

Oh no my stuff is missing

 Ughhhh that sucks. I can not claim responsibility for missing packages but I do offer Signed Delivery, which adds an extra layer of protection.

What did you say about Signed Delivery

I offer 'signed delivery' because once your lovelies are out of my hands I have little control over whether or not they will reach yours. Signed Delivery protects you in case there is a mishap. Please let me know though...I will give someone a tongue lashing on your behalf any day of the week.