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 Dyes and Colorants

I love color. I really do. I know it isn't for everyone but it is EVERYTHING to me. Our dyes are almost completely organic, FDA certified and water soluble. Our mica’s are either synthetic or natural depending on the item you order. We also use natural colorants on occasions such as indigo, clays, and charcoal.


Biodegradable glitter.

Is all I use because we all live together on this spinning blue and green planet lets all do the best we can to look after it. 

Principal Ingredients

I try to be as conscientious as I can be when selecting ingredients. I research. I try to select purveyors who live in my region etc and so forth.



I work in a small home-based studio and there is a potential for cross-contamination (nut oils etc) so if you or the person whom you are purchasing the product is concerned about a particular ingredient. PLEASE EMAIL ME Prior to Purchase. Please read each product description I wrote them especially for you.



NomBom & Co. uses both fragrance oils and essential oils in all of zee products. All fragrance oils we use are phthalate free. Please carefully read the fragrance description. 



We strive to keep all of our products paraben free.



Preservatives have to be used in any product that contains water due to the issue of mold and other ickies or may come into contact with water because I don't expect you to dry your hands between use.



Surfa-what? Surfactants are the ingredients that create lovely bubbles. I use a few different ones here at NomBom & Co. almost all of the ones I have chosen are derived from a coconut! Surfactants are in most daily upkeep products you use. Trust me. Just because names may look alike doesn't mean they are alike. Hey, I respect you and what you chose to put on your skin so let's chat it out if you have questions.



Skin Sensitivities

My skin is sensitive. It's so annoying. If your skin is sensitive too, I feel you girl. Just be careful regarding all skin care not just what I make and pay attention to what you eat and the season. If any product is causing you to question your bodies reaction to it. Please cease use and please let me know.