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Here are a few frequent Faq's to start you off. 

Um like, my order looks different from last time (the photo) etc?

This is a one-woman show and THIS woman is imperfect. I whip everything up in my little lab by hand. Like everything, so there will be color variances etc. That's what we call being artisan folks! Everything is unique like you, my little unicorn.

Why is your store like infrequently stocked unlike (fill in the blank corporate apothecary brand)?

I like for your product to be fresh as a daisy. I don't have bath minions to do my bidding - yet. In the meantime, that means with having to deal with my pesky two-handed non-minioned self. I promise to make it worth your while. Cross my heart.

Why are your prices higher than my local [fill in the blank]

 It is easy to find a product for every price point and budget nowadays, which is wonderful. I really love crafting carefully created products featuring premium ingredients and yes, chile that may set you back a bit more than WalMart but YOU are worth the splurge.

 Can I get a REFUND

I get it, it happens to the best of us. Just shoot me an email immediately even if it's at 2 am in the morning anytime within 12 hours from purchase. If it's more than 12 hours after purchase drop me a line but less than 24 hours then drop me a line, if your order hasn't been processed I am happy to accommodate.

Do you combine orders

For you lady, anything. Like with refunds you have 12 hours to change/add/request a refund etc and so forth. After 12 may get a 'who dis?' said with lots of love.


Girl, I made a mistake can I get a Refund

I get it. If you ordered an item by mistake. Shoot me an email immediately even if it's at 2am in the morning anytime within 24 hours. If it's after 24 hours and you realize in a hungover haze that you engaged in inebriated shopping. Girl, I can only wish that greasy food appears in your life instantly.


You've made it this far, keep on reading...

Colorants and Staining

Yo. The colorants I use are pretty dope. They are like halal approved, kosher, and almost 100 percent organic. They travel all the way from England, you know where Duchess Meghan Markle reigns supreme. You could even ingest some of these colorants but DON'T.

Public Service Announcement not hold bath bombs in your hand forever ever. I mean you can but color transference may occur.

Mica’s and glitters will leave residue in the tub, I recommend you rinse and wash your tub after using NomBom& Co's products.

I test all of my stuff and find that sometimes what seems like staining is just showing where I need to put a little more elbow grease into our cleaning regiment – bathtub wise.

I hate putting elbow grease into anything cleaning related. Just saying.

If you want to learn more about the ingredients I use. Head on ovah to the ingredients page. You get a gold star if you do.


Skin Sensitivities

My skin is sensitive. It's so annoying. If your skin is sensitive too, I feel you girl. Just be careful regarding all skin care not just what I make and pay attention to what you eat and the season. If any product is causing you to question your bodies reaction to it. Please cease use and please let me know.

Rewards Club

Yah. I track all the stuff you buy. I'm watching you read this RIGHT NOW. I offer special incentives to all you ladies who buy my products cuz you rad as hell is all and should be rewarded for it.